28Mar 2018

Thomas M. Geier, CPA, CFP®, PFS   You may have heard recently that interest rates are headed up. In fact, the Federal Reserve is in the process of raising interest rates and just raised the federal funds rate again by .25% on March 21. The Purpose of Interest Although borrowing money can help you accomplish […]

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26Feb 2018

Thomas M. Geier, CPA, CFP®, PFS The Internal Revenue Service has issued an alert for a new scam to unwary taxpayers.  After stealing client data from tax professionals and filing fraudulent tax returns, these criminals use the taxpayers’ real bank accounts for the deposit. Thieves are then using various tactics to reclaim the refund from […]

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25Jan 2018

Thomas M. Geier, CPA, CFP®, PFS When an emergency happens and money is needed to pay the unexpected expenses that go along with it, some people look to their retirement savings as a necessary source of funds. And, in fact, you can take distributions from your retirement accounts at any time. In fact, there is […]

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