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MarketWatch devoted an article to highlighting Geier Asset Management’s work with professional baseball players in an article titled, “When Ball Players Show Up for Spring Training, So Does This Financial Advisor.” They interviewed Geier Asset Management’s president, Joe Geier, and described our regular spring-training routine: while the players are prepping to make a run for the World Series, we’re helping them prep for financial success. MarketWatch is published by Dow Jones & Co and “is a leading innovator in business news, personal finance information,” and more.

In the article, Joe Geier describes some similarities and differences between the athletes Geier works with and our other clients. ‘“Some of the athletes we work with are much like other wealth management clients in that we just handle their investments,” he said. “But often, they have needs that are not consistent with your typical financial services.”’ The article also mentions that more engagement is always better when working with investors—athletes and non-athletes alike.

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