Frequently Asked Questions

Does Geier Asset Management Offer Tax Preparation?

Almost every area of our lives are touched by tax considerations. Many of the rules, regulations, and requirements regarding taxes are cumbersome and ever-changing. But reaching successful financial goals almost always means considering tax implications. At Geier Asset Management, our tax professionals can walk you through most any tax scenario and help with the planning strategies. Our services include tax planning and tax preparation.

Although Geier Asset Management is not a CPA firm, we can provide personal income tax planning services and federal, state, and local income tax return preparation through our on-staff Certified Public Accountants® as well as our relationship with other tax professionals.

Some additional tax services that you may need may include:

  • Estate tax analysis
  • Roth vs. traditional IRA decisions
  • Minimum Required Distribution calculations
  • Tax aspects of major asset sales, including businesses
  • And more

Tax Minimization Strategies

You should be aware of the potential conflicts of interest that may arise in the pursuit of investment goals and tax minimization strategies, as some investment goals may run counter to the income tax minimization needs.  There are also potential conflicts of interest where fiduciary and privileged responsibilities concerning clients and regulatory bodies are concerned.

However, Geier Asset Management will help you navigate through the tax maze, balance conflicting goals, and minimize the tax bite wherever possible.

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