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Asset Management Services in Ellicott City, MD

Planning, building, and protecting a financial nest egg requires a lot of expertise. Not only is the world of finance complex and ever changing, but it is full of pitfalls, including bad decisions, taxes, inflation, and regulations. Anyone who does not have the time, inclination, or expertise to properly manage their own portfolio can benefit from the services of Geier Asset Management.

We specialize in helping Ellicott City residents deal with the financial aspects of life-altering occurrences such as retirement, job change, death of a spouse, inheritance, and sale of a business. We know that every client has unique and specific goals, dreams, and circumstances. We work hard to know our clients and tailor our asset management process to suit them.

Investment Advisory in Ellicott City

Observing and understanding the constantly changing market environment is a very time consuming task. Subsequently, selecting investments that will benefit from the opportunities that these changes offer is even more difficult. At Geier Asset Management, we have developed the expertise and gained the experience to construct a well-structured portfolio for you. In addition, we will monitor its progress in light of your investment and life goals.

We have a full-service investment team at your disposal. Our eight-member investment committee, assisted by support staff, allows us to provide our clients with extensive investment knowledge and an unrivaled level of service. We provide proprietary and customized portfolios, ensuring the necessary diversification to our clients. In addition, the use of exclusive, specialized separate account managers and private equity platforms offer access to unique strategies that retail investors would otherwise be unable to obtain.

We offer a wide range of investment advisory options for the Ellicott City area, including:

Financial Planning Services in Ellicott City

Getting a grasp on your financial situation is an overwhelming task for many individuals and families located in the Ellicott City area. However, it is essential develop a comprehensive financial plan that will help keep your finances organized, while guiding you towards making the right decisions. Achieving personal, family, and business oriented goals is much easier and more realistic if a detailed plan is in place. Clients often struggle to get organized; they also find it difficult to understand how the various aspects of a financial plan are related.

At Geier Asset Management, there are several Certified Financial Planners™ dedicated to assisting clients in devising, implementing, and monitoring a financial plan.

We focus on the following areas:

Tax Planning Services in Ellicott City

We all know how taxes can take a big chunk out of our earnings and assets. However, with proper planning and by utilizing smart strategies, investors can help minimize this bite. Many tax deferral mechanisms are available such as IRAs, 401(k)s, annuities, and others that can allow investors to grow their portfolio over a long time period and defer the tax payments until later in life. Again, with proper planning, these investors can seek to combine already taxed asset pools, social security, and non-taxed assets to receive income at the most favored rate during retirement.

Geier Asset Management has tax specialists on board (Certified Public Accountants) to help in not only synchronizing your tax and investment plan, but also help in detailed tax matters. Some examples are Minimum Required Distribution calculations for IRAs, Roth vs. traditional IRA considerations, and tax consequences of large asset sales, such as selling a vacation home or business. We assist our clients in preparing their tax returns so the pressure of the April 15 deadline falls on our shoulders, not theirs.

Estate taxes for Ellicott City homeowners are another area where good planning is crucial. Our tax specialists and financial planners can work together to make sure you have peace of mind regarding the proper accumulation and disposition of your estate. We can integrate a flexible charitable giving plan, helping with trust construction and maintenance of beneficiary designations and Crummey letters.

At Geier Asset Management, we can help you with:

Retirement & 401(k) Planning in Ellicott City

For many investors, an employer-sponsored 401(k) plan is one of their largest assets, if not the largest. Although most people defer a portion of their salary into their company retirement plan, this account is often neglected from an investment standpoint. Many people do not understand the various investment options provided or cannot find the time to review their account regularly. This has proven to be extremely detrimental in their ability to retire. Therefore, it is paramount that this account is addressed and actively managed. Whether you live off of West Friendship, Mayfield, Turf Valley Road, Pebble Beach Drive, Pine Orchard, Rockland, Ilchester, Baltimore National Pike, or somewhere nearby, the experts at Geier Asset Management are here to help.

We also help our clients maximize their 401(k), thus maximizing their retirement. A thorough review of the investment options on the platform, followed by an asset allocation that aligns with your risk tolerance, objectives, and time horizon is performed. On a quarterly basis, a review of your account will be conducted, taking into consideration current market conditions and opportunities. A short conference call will be conducted each quarter to discuss our analysis and to propose adjustments to the account. Outsourcing this process to Geier will result in the consistent growth of a paramount piece of your portfolio.

Our experienced professionals can help with:

Ellicott City Asset Management with Geier

We understand the importance of preparing for the future—through the implementation and integration of a comprehensive financial plan, effective management of an investment portfolio, and strategic tax planning. Our team has been helping Ellicott City clients reach their financial goals for almost two decades, while many members have been in the industry for over thirty years. The knowledge and experience of our staff combined with our all-inclusive capabilities place us in the upper echelon of financial advisors located near Ellicott City. Call today to speak with a financial advisor.

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