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Portfolio Management Services in Columbia, MD

Investing offers you a multitude of opportunities to achieve your personal and professional goals. At Geier Asset Management, we dedicate ourselves to navigating these investment opportunities and creating distinct strategies that we believe are most advantageous to you. Through our diversified portfolio models, developed by our investment committee, we are able to offer a collection of strategies for your investments. The models cover the full spectrum of asset classes and market sectors through the use of mutual funds, ETFs, and individual stocks and bonds.

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Our Diversified Portfolio Selection Process

The selection criteria for our diversified portfolios is rigorous—consistent, year-over-year performance relative to market indices, top quartile performance relative to peers, and risk-adjusted return are a few of the quantitative factors that we focus on during our diligent screening process. Qualitative metrics such as investment strategy, management tenure, breadth of analyst team, and overall corporate culture are also accounted for in our research.

Our due diligence process is centered around locating the most effective fund managers, public companies, or specific asset classes or sectors that will contribute to outperformance in all market cycles. The diversified models combine both active and passive investment techniques, providing you with a well-rounded portfolio. Investing can become overwhelming and complex, but if handled properly, will be paramount in crafting your financial future. Use our investment team located near Columbia, strategic portfolios, and expertise to proactively grow the wealth you’ve worked so hard to accumulate.

Diversification Strategies for Portfolio Management in Columbia

We operate seven portfolios in-house, designed and directed by our investment committee. The portfolios offer Columbia-based clients a broad range of options that satisfy all types of investors, ranging from conservative to ultra-aggressive. Our investment advisors work with you to determine your risk profile and long-term objectives; subsequently, your portfolio will be allocated amongst the appropriate portfolios that align with your goals.

Some of our diversified portfolio models include:

Diversified Aggressive Growth Model

Our Diversified Aggressive Growth model seeks aggressive portfolio growth by investing in domestic and international equities. This model is weighted towards small capitalized companies in the Columbia area that demonstrate strong growth and value potential in domestic, international, and emerging markets. Expect the following with this model:

  • An increase in volatility due to the smaller sized companies
  • Focus on heightened capital appreciation
  • Outperformance in bull markets; potential for enhanced declines in bear markets
  • Distribution of more taxable short-term capital gains than our conservative models

Diversified Growth Model

The Diversified Growth model seeks strong growth of the portfolio by investing in equities. This model is weighted entirely to the U.S. markets and is diversified among large, medium, and small cap companies for our Columbia area clients. Although it tends to be weighted towards larger and more established companies, most sectors and asset classes are represented. Expect the following with this model:

  • Returns that are comparable or greater than broad U.S. stock indices
  • Capital appreciation with modest dividend income
  • Periods of volatility consistent with overall domestic equity market

Diversified International Model

The Diversified International model seeks strong growth of the portfolio by investing in equities. This model is weighted entirely to the international markets and is diversified among large, medium, and small cap companies in both developed and emerging market economies. Although it tends to be weighted heavier towards larger global companies, we seek to capitalize on the potential of long-term growth in emerging countries. Expect the following with this model:

  • Returns relative to the broader international equity markets
  • Capital appreciation with some dividend income
  • Lower correlation to domestic equity markets
  • Potential for increased volatility due to emerging market exposure

Diversified Balanced Model

Our Diversified Balanced model targets moderate growth through a balanced mix of equity and fixed income investments. This portfolio is highly diversified among all sectors of equities and all grades of bonds, both domestic and international. It is typically a core portfolio for most of our clients. Expect the following with this model:

  • Blended return based on the movement in both bonds and equities
  • Moderate level of risk
  • Capital appreciation and income
  • Lower volatility than the stock market

Flexible Balanced Model

The Flexible Balanced model seeks to achieve consistent, long-term growth, balanced by current income, but with an emphasis on limiting volatility. This is accomplished through the model’s active management approach and design. Through the use of ETFs, which complement its core holdings, this model has the flexibility to quickly respond to changing environments. This diversified portfolio is comprised of alternative funds, multi-strategy bond funds, and long only investments.

The liquid alternatives, consisting of market neutral and long/short mutual funds, strongly contribute to the reduced volatility of the portfolio. Domestic and international equity and fixed income holdings make up the remainder of this model. We seek to have this model as a complimentary holding to the core of your portfolio in an effort to reduce the overall volatility. Expect the following with this model:

  • Focus on downside protection
  • Use of liquid alternative investment strategies such as market neutral and long/short vehicles to lower beta
  • Potential for capital appreciation with consistent interest and dividend income
  • Equity exposure that may be sector-concentrated, depending on current market cycle

Flexible Equity Income Model

The Flexible Equity Income model seeks to achieve both long-term capital appreciation and income. This is accomplished through investing primarily in fund managers who focus on companies with free cash flow and dividend growth. This model is comprised of large-cap domestic and international securities with a value orientation. It may also diversify its holdings with a smaller allocation to both REITs and fixed income instruments. Expect the following with this model:

  • Investments weighted almost entirely to value-oriented securities
  • Downside protection through investing in larger companies and low correlated investments
  • Increased interest and dividend income; capital appreciation secondary
  • Lower volatility than growth oriented portfolios

Quantitative Equity Model

The Quantitative Equity strategy seeks to discover undervalued equity positions immediately upon the release of quarterly earnings of mid and large cap domestic companies. Prior to the public release of corporate earnings (usually 4 – 6 weeks after the quarter ends), the investment committee of Geier Asset Management utilizes a top down approach to determine a group of industries with short term upside.

Quantitative regression analysis is conducted on the targeted industries, compiling a comprehensive list of undervalued companies. Additional fundamental and technical research is performed on all undervalued securities to condense our findings into a 25 – 35 position stock portfolio. Expect the following with this model:

  • Focus on capital appreciate with income secondary
  • Active and strategic allocation based on current market conditions

Columbia Portfolio Management Services from Geier Asset Management

Our Columbia area portfolio managers can guide you through your short- and long-term investment strategies. Your financial goals are within reach—we’ll achieve them together. Give us a call today.

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