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Qualified Plan Consultants

Qualified retirement plans provide numerous benefits to everyone involved. For business owners, a quality retirement plan benefit provides the firm with a competitive advantage over its peers, helping to attract and retain top talent. If structured properly, it can also be quite advantageous personally for the principal of a firm. These plans allow high earning business owners to stash away substantial dollars pre-tax with the added benefit of tax-deferred growth. In addition to these perks, corporate tax deductions become available through the use of retirement plans.

From an individual or employee perspective, a qualified retirement plan is a huge benefit and likely to become their largest asset. Similar tax benefits such as pre-tax deferrals of income and tax-deferred growth are present for the participants of the retirement plan. Often times a matching contribution from the company on the employee’s behalf is built into the plan, essentially providing bonus income to their account.

The money saved through these plans is relied upon at retirement to fund your expenses to help maintain the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to living. As you can see, retirement plans provide endless benefits to those involved. Therefore, it is essential that your retirement plan is designed, implemented, and managed properly so you are prepared when your career comes to an end.

Geier Asset Management has a specific division of services geared to help business owners design and implement their plan as well as employees manage their individual retirement accounts. Contact one of our qualified plan consultants today.

Retirement & 401(k) Plans for Businesses

The implementation of a retirement plan is feasible for all businesses regardless of size or revenue. The benefits apply to all principals and we encourage our clients to consider the use of them in their company, whether in its infancy stage or fully-matured. We’ve developed a solution for business owners that is unique to most. Combining the plan design and administration expertise of a partnering retirement benefits firm with our investment prowess, we provide a comprehensive retirement plan that is unmatched by the larger brokerage houses.

The first step is for us to gain an understanding of your goals and objectives for the retirement plan. From there, we will design a plan that will allow you accomplish your goals, whether it is to attract the most talented employees, defer as much personal income as possible, reduce corporate taxes, or a combination of them all. We will handle the daily recordkeeping of the plan as well as the annual administration, which includes required tax filings and eligibility testing. The final and most differentiating feature of our solution is the involvement of Geier Asset Management as the qualified plan investment advisor.

We will craft a menu of investment options that are suitable for your plan using our open architecture platform at Fidelity. This will provide participants with the best investment options across all asset classes. In addition, quarterly reviews of the investments are conducted by the firm’s investment committee and adjustments are made as they see fit. We meet with the employees of the firm semi-annually to conduct education sessions that will assist in investment management and asset allocation of the individual 401(k) account. Essentially, principals and employees are given unlimited access to a qualified investment advisor.

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401(k) & 403(b) Plan Review

Our client’s 401(k) or 403(b) account is often their biggest, if not their only, retirement savings vehicle. Contributing a portion of your salary into the account is extremely important, but it’s only half of the battle. Many people feel that just contributing to their account is sufficient. However, in order to retire comfortably, consistent growth of the account is necessary. Therefore, we’ve installed a retirement plan review service that will rescue those accounts that are overlooked by so many.

Initially, we will review and analyze every investment option on your company plan’s investment platform to determine the best alternatives for you based on your personal risk profile and time horizon. We will allocate your account appropriately, factoring in your goals and objectives as well as current economic and market conditions. On a quarterly basis, your account is reviewed to ensure the allocation is appropriate based on our current market outlook. We then arrange a meeting to discuss the status of the account and our recommendations.

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Choose Geier Asset Management as Your Qualified Plan Consultants

We have been providing retirement plan guidance and advice for many years. The combined expertise in plan design and administration, coupled with a dedicated investment advisor to the plan, makes our solution unique and unrivaled by most. Rather than just run your 401(k) plan through your payroll company, why not utilize a team of qualified retirement plan and investment specialists? The proper planning will allow both the business owners and employees to prosper, making retirement goals much more attainable. We’ve designed a solution that allows a retirement plan administration team and our investment team to focus on what they do best, offering two different levels of elite service to you.

We handle the financial planninginvestment advisory, and tax guidance for our clients, so a focus on your qualified retirement plan is just another layer of your financial picture that should be integrated and accounted for throughout the year. Let Geier Asset Management start planning for your retirement now.

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