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There are many areas of financial planning that should be addressed—especially retirement planning—that ultimately lead to financial security for you and your family. The advisors at Geier Asset Management can help you with all of them. If you’re looking for an advisor who can understand your specific retirement needs, you’ve come to the right place. Geier Asset Management has been providing expert retirement planning services to residents of Clarksville, Maryland since 1999.

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Painting Your Retirement Picture

The most common question we receive from our clients is, “When can I afford to retire?” You have worked extremely hard throughout your career with the goal of obtaining the financial security necessary to live an enjoyable lifestyle in retirement—whether you live off of Clarksville Pike, Ten Oaks Road, Trotter Road, or somewhere nearby in Clarksville.

Geier Asset Management provides specialized attention and support as you approach retirement by identifying your goals and developing a strategy to adequately position you for your target date. We conduct a detailed analysis of your current financial situation, focusing on key factors such as:

  • Accumulated assets
  • Current debt
  • Earned income until retirement
  • Retirement income needs
  • Current and retirement expenses
  • Rate of return on investments
  • Current and future tax income and capital gains tax rates
  • Required minimum distributions and associated tax implications
  • Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits

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Understanding Your Pension Benefits

A main source of retirement income for some clients is the pension they have earned through years of service with an employer. Clients will often target the date which they are eligible for their maximum pension as the date at which they wish to retire. Pensions are a great form of income for retirees, but the taxation and payout options for these plans can be complex.

Understanding the payout options available in the defined benefit plans is crucial to maximizing your retirement income. Some of these options to consider are:

  • Lump sum
  • Life only
  • Life with term certain
  • Joint and 100%
  • Joint and 50%


Major pieces to your retirement puzzle are your Social Security and Medicare benefits that may be available to you. Social Security is a source of retirement income, while Medicare provides healthcare and insurance once you reach retirement age. Both programs have various tax and eligibility implications, causing uncertainty for clients. Being well-versed in both areas for residents of Clarksville, we are able to help you navigate these benefit packages and provide insight regarding:

  • Full retirement age
  • Individual retirement benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Survivor and family benefits
  • Medicare Part A, B, C, and D
  • Enrollment process
  • Eligibility for Medicaid
  • Taxation of benefits

The combination of these factors helps us understand your complete retirement picture, allowing us to generate various projections unique to you. We are able to develop a comprehensive plan for you as you approach retirement, identifying specific goals and a detailed course of action. Retirement planning is fluid and ongoing. We will make adjustments to your retirement plan along the way as your financial situation continues to evolve—whether you choose to stay in Clarksville or move somewhere else to enjoy your retirement. We understand your excitement for retirement and we are here to ensure you are financially able to do so.

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