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Retirement & 401(k) Plans for Businesses in Maryland

We understand the challenges that business owners face in regards to reducing corporate tax liabilities, deferring earned income, satisfying existing employees, and appealing to future talent. Did you realize the implementation of a retirement plan can positively affect all of these areas?

At Geier Asset Management, we believe that, as a business owner, your time is most valuable servicing existing clients, finding new opportunities, and overseeing business operations. Therefore, our retirement plan platform allows us to add value to your business while benefiting both you and your employees on a personal level.

Comprehensive Retirement Plan Solution

Fiduciary liability, increased administrative requirements, and market uncertainty and volatility have caused many retirement plans to become too expensive and burdensome for business owners. Finding the right retirement solution that consists of an independent fiduciary, administrative and recordkeeping team, and investment advisor can be difficult.

That’s why Geier Asset Management has partnered with Columbia Benefits Consultants, Inc. to offer a comprehensive retirement plan solution for businesses like yours. A solution that is advantageous for both the plan sponsor and the plan participants.

Our capabilities include:

  • Defined contribution plans – 401(k) and/or profit sharing plans
    • Safe-harbor plans
    • New comparability plans
    • Automatic enrollment plans
  • Defined benefit plans – company sponsored pension plans
  • Combination plans – combines the best features of both defined contribution and defined benefit plans
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation plans
  • Plan design and fee analysis
  • Open architecture investment platform – access to the entire investment universe
  • Assistance with fiduciary protection
  • Full fee disclosure
  • Regular participant education and training sessions
  • 24-hour online access to participant accounts

Our Approach to Retirement Plan Development

We are firm believers that the bundled, cookie-cutter retirement plans are not just expensive, but poorly suited for both the business owner and the plan participants. We tailor our plans to ensure the goals and objectives of both principals and employees are achieved.

  • Customized Plan Design – regardless of your objective, your plan will be crafted specifically to accomplish your goals
  • Investment Policy Statement – specifically identify goals, objectives, roles, and responsibilities—which will be reviewed annually
  • Plan Administration & Recordkeeping – annual tax filings and compliance/eligibility testing
  • Selective Investment Options – rigorous investment selection process, including quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Monitoring & Education – quarterly review of the plan’s investments by our investment committee, and meetings with participants at least annually to provide market updates and personal investment education

The Results

Our retirement plan solution has increased the profitability of businesses while providing an effective tool for attracting and retaining employees. Custom portfolios, tailored to match the risk tolerance and objective of each participant, have added tremendous value to our clients’ businesses and their personnel. Geier Asset Management’s custom solution can help your company meet its retirement goals. Let us help take your firm to the next level.

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