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Asset Management in Maryland

Asset management is a complex and continuous process.  It requires intensive research and adjustments as market conditions change.  Asset managers guide clients through an ever-evolving landscape so that they are positioned to take advantage of opportunities the markets present, while mitigating risk along the way.  Asset allocation is the most important decision that an investor will make.  Establishing the correct blend of asset classes is vital in an investor’s pursuit of investing success.

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Types of Investments

Through the design of a carefully calibrated strategy, your portfolio is built with the mission of achieving the financial goals you’ve set.  Whether you have received a windfall or are nearing retirement, Geier Asset Management, Inc. can help grow and preserve your wealth through investing in a myriad of investments including but not limited to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and real estate.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of investment and our objective is helping to determine which vehicles are most suitable to achieving your goals.

Each investment chosen goes through a time-tested, thorough vetting process administered by our seasoned investment committee team.

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Our Investment Philosphy

We seek to craft well-balanced, diversified portfolios that utilize a blend of passive and active management strategies.  The passive portion provides low-cost, tax-efficient exposure while the active component provides the ability to take advantage of inefficiencies that the market provides.  Our open architecture platform grants us access to entire investment universe, thus allowing us ultimate autonomy and flexibility to meet client needs and objectives.

Investing Style

We utilize a hybrid approach to investing, incorporating both an active and passive investing management style depending on the client’s goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, priorities and current market environment.  A passive investing approach offers predictability of returns, low-cost investments, and tax-efficiency.  An active investing approach provides you with a team managing your money in an effort to protect on the downside and maximize the upside (alpha).  When used in conjunction, these strategies can provide an investor with a portfolio that is less volatile but has potentially greater upside/lower downside than the general market.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the implementation of an investment strategy that attempts to balance risk versus reward by adjusting the percentage of each asset in the portfolio.  Portfolios consist of a variety of asset classes, each weighted in a manner that coincides with client risk level and time horizon.  Examples of asset classes include equities (stocks), fixed income and debt (bonds), money market and cash equivalents, and real estate and precious metals.

Our Process




Our process is collaborative, comprehensive and predicated on the importance of client knowledge and relationships.  It was designed around 3 core principles: Draft, Build, Secure.  Through a series of conversations, we gain an understanding of your specific financial situation, goals, risk tolerance, investing mindset, top concerns and more.  We will use this information to draft a blueprint that aligns with the phase you are currently in (growth, transition, maturity).  From there, we will start the process of building your portfolio.  Many actions are performed during this phase of the process:

Research Strategy/Design Construction Execution

Our 4-point full-service investment team reflects years of experience, advanced degrees, certifications and an open architecture platform through Fidelity Institutional, providing access to an extensive spectrum of investment solutions and the ability to benefit from their economies of scale.

Graphic explaining Geier Financial's "Four Point Team."

In the last phase of the process, we provide continuous monitoring of the financial markets and make necessary adjustments to your portfolio based on market movements, life events, client discussions and rebalancing needs.

The Client Experience

Finances are an intimate topic.  Financial decisions are the means to an end goal.  Gaining an understanding of our client’s needs, goals and expectations is paramount.  We are vigilant in ensuring the blueprint we design is a true representation of our clients from the smallest financial detail to their largest financial aspiration.

Graphic explaining Geier Financial's proven process when working with their asset management clients.


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