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Budget & Cash Flow Analysis in Maryland

Implementing a budget for yourself and your family is a difficult process for most people. Sticking to it is even tougher. However, the first step in effectively managing your finances is to create a budget. Developing and maintaining a budget is crucial to your ability to save, which ultimately allows you to:

Understanding your personal cash flow is essential for obtaining your financial goals. Geier Asset Management prioritizes cash flow analysis—it is the first item we review. Our financial advisors work directly with you and your family to analyze your living expenses in relation to your current financial situation. A reasonable, itemized budget is then determined and implemented. Your cash flow statement—factoring in your income, tax liabilities, and budgeted expenses—will paint a picture for you, that dictates a short-term action plan. Adhering to the budget typically results in a monthly cash surplus, which will ultimately lead to the achievement of your financial goals and objectives.

Geier Asset Management provides budget and cash flow analysis services throughout Howard County. Contact us today to schedule a financial planning consultation.

Budgeting your financial future

Maintaining a budget based on your individual cash flow is crucial to planning for your financial future. At Geier Asset Management, we can help you create and manage a budget that is right for your specific situation. Our financial advisors will do this by:

  • Gathering pertinent information – this will include your income and expenses (both current and in retirement), as well as past spending habits.
  • Projecting tax liabilities – part of analyzing your budget and cash flow will be projecting any tax liabilities, such as federal, state, self-employment, FICA, and Medicare.
  • Determining a reasonable budget – we will establish a comprehensive budget that incorporates your fixed expenses as well as your discretionary/controllable expenses – dining out, entertainment, travel, etc. Keeping these expenses in check allows our clients to achieve their financial goals—funding investment accounts, funding college education accounts, purchasing investment property, purchasing a car or boat, or any other goal you have.
  • Determining cash flow available for investments – generally, your income minus your taxes and expenses equals your cash flow available for potential investments. We’ll use this cash flow number to determine your annual goals and objectives while devising a financial plan that will help you achieve them.
  • Monitoring and making changes – we will track your budget from both a broad and itemized level so we can incorporate any changes, including fluctuations in income, excessive discretionary spending, or unforeseen fixed expenses.

The accuracy of the projection and your ability to stick to the budget will ultimately lead to the achievement of your predetermined annual goals.

Choose Geier as your Howard County, MD Financial Advisor

At Geier Asset Management, we can help you create and manage a budget that is right for your specific situation. We have been planning for our clients’ futures for the past fifteen years.

Making wise financial decisions now will result in a better life for your family in the future. We have the experience, training, and ability to listen to your needs, devise a successful plan, and coach you to your goals. Let us help manage your wealth effectively, so your future is clear and your financial dreams are attainable.

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