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Employer 401(K) & 403(B) Planning & Review

One of the most advantageous employee benefits available to individuals is access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan such as a 401(k) or 403(b). These plans provide the participant with the ability to defer taxes on earned income, while potentially receiving a matching or profit sharing contribution from the employer.

Retirement plans are an invaluable benefit to employees from both tax and retirement saving perspectives. Simply contributing into the plan will allow you to achieve tax savings. All contributions to the plan are immediately invested and start growing tax-deferred. In order to achieve consistent growth while mitigating investment risks, qualified assistance is often needed. We can help.

Our 401(k) Review Process

Our employer retirement plan review service has proven vital to many of our clients. The task of analyzing each investment option, understanding the current economic environment, and allocating your account accordingly can be daunting. Positioning your account incorrectly or failing to invest the funds could prove detrimental to the growth of your account.

Geier Asset Management will help you make sure that doesn’t happen by:

  • Identifying your risk profile and long-term investment objective
  • Analyzing and understanding the strategy of all available investment options on your platform
  • Determining which investments are most effective relative to their peers
    • Long-term performance
    • Management credentials
    • Risk metrics
    • Expenses
  • Aligning the allocation of your account with your risk tolerance and investment objective while considering current market conditions
  • Monitoring the economic landscape and its impact on your 401(k) allocation
  • Reviewing your account quarterly

Often, 401(k) or 403(b) accounts are an individual’s biggest retirement asset. Negligence towards the management of that asset is costly to your future. Focus on your family and your career. Let us take care of maximizing your retirement.

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