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Fiduciary Services in Maryland

If you’re looking for quality fiduciary services in Southern Maryland, Geier Asset Management is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that can provide everything you need. Perhaps you have heard of an RIA, but you’re unsure how this title and the term “fiduciary” fit together. Learn more about what a fiduciary is and what services we provide at Geier Asset Management. To request fiduciary services in Southern Maryland, please call Geier Asset Management at (410) 824-1853 today.

What Is a Fiduciary?

In 1974, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) passed into law. This Act outlines the minimum standards for vesting schedules, who is eligible to participate in plans, and how investment options must be diversified.

All RIAs have been regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for years and are already considered fiduciaries. However, the US Department of Labor (DOL) recently issued a new rule, which is being phased in between June 9, 2017 and January 1, 2018. This rule states that any financial advisor giving investment advice for an ERISA-covered employee benefit plan—including annuities, 401k plans, and IRAs—is considered a fiduciary. This may include registered investment advisors, brokers, and insurance agents.

In short, the person who serves as your fiduciary is ethically bound to act in your best financial interest. In fact, they put your interests above their own in an effort to take the most prudent care of your money and other assets.

Addressing Conflicts of Interest

All reputable financial advisors already act with the best intentions, but issues can arise if there is a conflict of interest. This is when the person working in an official capacity stands to gain personal benefit by recommending a specific course of action.

For instance, a financial advisor may work for a company that offers its own investment products. When is it appropriate for the advisor to disclose costs and compensation options between internal products and those available from outside sources? The new DOL rule requires the fiduciary—the person giving investment advice for an ERISA-covered employee benefit plan —to disclose any and all conflicts of interest in writing.

If anything goes wrong with the assets in your employee benefits plan because the fiduciary operated improperly, they are held liable to restore any losses. The courts can step in as well, fining or removing a fiduciary for breaching their responsibilities. This gives you peace of mind when working with a financial advisor, knowing that protections exist for you in case the worst happens.

Our Fiduciary Services

Let the experienced financial specialists at Geier Asset Management help you make the right investment decisions with the following fiduciary services:

  • Investment advisory: We’re proud to offer a broad array of investment strategies to help you diversify your portfolio, mitigate risk, and maximize your wealth.
  • Financial planning: Whether you want to build an investment portfolio, fund your children’s college education, or plan for retirement, our financial planning services can help.
  • Retirement planning: You don’t want to work forever, but once retirement arrives, you need enough money tucked away to continue living the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to. Our retirement planning services help you prepare for your career to wind down.
  • Asset management: In today’s complex financial world, planning, building, and protecting a nest egg is difficult to say the least. You need a fiduciary by your side to help you navigate life’s changes.

Choose Geier Asset Management for Fiduciary Services

Geier Asset Management is an SEC regulated Registered Investment Advisor, and we take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. Our goal is to provide the very best, most objective investment advice to meet our clients’ goals. Our Code of Conduct and Ethics is the foundation of our relationship with you, and we guarantee any conflicts of interest will be disclosed to you in writing.

We value your trust! Please call us at (410) 824-1853 or contact us online if you have any questions about our fiduciary services.

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