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Financial Planning in Maryland

The easiest path to financial freedom is through preparation. Yet, adequately preparing for your family’s future can be an arduous journey. Because most people do not have the training, expertise, or experience in financial management, this vital task can be intimidating and, therefore, ignored. Let us help you.

Geier Asset Management is a qualified and experienced financial advisor that can guide you throughout your career and into retirement. With a staff equipped with Certified Financial Planners™ and Certified Public Accountants, Geier can assist in a variety of financial planning areas, including but not limited to:

The complexity of these topics requires a comprehensive solution with a simple action plan, which Geier Asset Management can provide. Contact our trusted financial planners in Maryland to get started.

Budget/Cash Flow Analysis

Implementing a budget for yourself and your family is a difficult process for most. Sticking to it is even tougher. However, the first step in effectively managing your finances is to create a budget. Developing and maintaining a budget is crucial to your ability to save, which ultimately allows you to:

  • Build an investment portfolio
  • Fund college accounts
  • Plan for your retirement

Understanding your personal cash flow is essential in obtaining your financial goals. Geier prioritizes cash flow analysis—it is the first item we review. Our financial planners work directly with you and your family to analyze your living expenses in relation to your current financial situation. A reasonable, itemized budget is then determined and implemented. Your cash flow statement, factoring in your income, tax liabilities, and budgeted expenses, will paint a picture for you, that dictates a short-term action plan. Adhering to the budget typically results in a monthly cash surplus, which will ultimately lead to the achievement of your financial goals and objectives.

Insurance Planning

The hope is that tragedy never strikes, but Geier’s financial advisors will help you be prepared in case it does. To help your family avoid a catastrophic hit to your finances, we are able to service our client’s insurance needs, including

  • Life insurance
  • Disability
  • Long-term care
  • Business insurance
  • And more

We want to make sure that if misfortune occurs, you and your family are protected. Therefore, part of our financial planning process involves analyzing your situation to determine the need, if any, for insurance. Once we determine which types of insurance are necessary and affordable, we work with trusted providers to issue the appropriate coverage. Consistent insurance planning is conducted to maintain adequate coverage as your financial situation continues to evolve.

Retirement Planning

The most common financial planning request from individuals is centered on their ability to retire. Whether it is defining the specific age at which they can retire, calculating the total asset needed, or determining the retirement lifestyle they can afford, individuals know that planning for the next chapter of their financial life is critical.

Geier Asset Management focuses on helping clients make smart decisions throughout their lives so they have some flexibility as they approach retirement. Long-term cash flow projections are built to illustrate the impact that regular contributions to savings, monitoring of spending, and wise investing will ultimately have on their ability to retire and the lifestyle they will be able to afford.

Our financial advisors help our clients understand the impact of inflation and taxes on their long term goals. Many retirees have complicated pension benefits. We will assist you in understanding the benefits and selecting the best payout option for you and your family.

Lastly, a thorough understanding of Social Security and Medicare benefits has been valuable for our elderly clients. We’ll help you conquer the fear of outliving your retirement income. We will be there to guide you throughout your career so you are able to retire comfortably when you choose.

Estate Planning

Planning for death is often a topic of conversation most people prefer to avoid. However, it is essential to ensure your assets are protected, your loved ones are cared for, and your wishes are granted. The completion of certain basic estate planning documents will provide protection and guidance for your survivors while limiting federal and state estate tax liabilities that may arise from an estate exceeding the exemption levels.

From living wills, to medical power of attorneys, to revocable trusts, Geier Asset Management will coordinate your family’s estate planning efforts with the assistance of trusted estate attorneys nationwide.

Charitable Giving

As assets accumulate, you are granted the luxury of giving back. We encourage philanthropy and our clients have embraced the idea of charitable giving. Creating and maintaining a charitable endeavor can be complex. Different donation options, including donor advised funds and private foundations, have different benefits, all which should be considered prior to implementation. Other strategies such as charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and pooled income funds are often utilized in estate planning efforts. Donors receive the benefit of supporting a charity while removing assets from their estate that may be subject to tax. The charitable giving space is complicated but is both a satisfying mission and an effective tax planning strategy.

Geier Asset Management has the ability to help you understand your options and assist with your giving plans.

Education Planning

With the cost of college education rapidly increasing, planning for college has become a priority for most parents. We encourage our clients to begin funding and regularly contributing as soon as their children are born. Through the use of Section 529 College Savings Plans, Prepaid College Trusts, and UTMAs, our clients are able to incrementally save for their children’s college education while benefiting from multiple tax efficiencies that these programs and accounts offer.

Our financial planning team typically will tie college funding into the budget and cash flow analysis. If the cash flow indicates a surplus of cash, we will set up contribution programs that will automatically fund college accounts. We prioritize this expense and want to ensure it’s accounted for. We can even help grandparents and other family members design and contribute to education funding where desired.

Working with Geier as Your Maryland Financial Advisor

We have been planning for our clients’ futures for the past fifteen years. Whether you are beginning your career, building a family, or approaching retirement, we have the knowledge and experience to lead you in the right direction. If you are struggling to stay on budget, want to establish a college fund, or are just eager to retire, our financial planning team can help.

Making wise financial decisions now will result in a better life for your family in the future. We have the experience, training, and ability to listen to your needs, devise a successful plan, and coach you to your goals. Let us help manage your wealth effectively, so your future is clear and your financial dreams are attainable.

If you are looking for an independent, trustworthy financial advisor in Maryland, look no further than Geier Asset Management. Call us today to speak with an advisor.

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