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Integrated Tax & Financial Planning in Maryland

At Geier Asset Management, we offer an integrated approach to tax and financial planning. Our cohesive strategy allows us to both maximize investment opportunities and minimize tax implications. We understand choosing the right investments can be stressful, but with an expert by your side you will see different investment options and the tax consequences of various financial decisions.

With over 25 years of experience, Geier Asset Management is equipped with several CPAs and accounting specialists that provide an elite level of financial planning and tax services. There is no substitute for the knowledge and understanding that a licensed, experienced tax professional can provide.

Our Financial Planning Services

Geier Asset Management is a qualified and experienced financial advisor that can guide you throughout your career and into retirement. With a staff equipped with numerous Certified Financial Planners™ and Certified Public Accountants, Geier can assist in a variety of financial planning areas, including but not limited to:

The complexity of these topics requires a comprehensive solution with a simple action plan, which Geier Asset Management can provide.

Our Tax Preparation Services

At Geier Asset Management, we offer the following tax preparation services:

  • Assistance in gathering the necessary documents in an organized manner
  • Completion of your individual federal and state income tax return
  • Knowledge of and capability to process multi-state tax returns
  • Completion of partnership, corporation, or S-Corp tax returns
  • Annual tax projections
  • Computation of estimated tax payments
  • Assistance with payroll withholdings—limit overpaying the IRS
  • Electronic filing to expedite the process and receive your refund quicker
  • Assistance with IRS/State Agency audits and correspondence

A typically tedious, stressful, and time-consuming project can be simplified and streamlined with the assistance of Geier Asset Management. Save yourself a great deal of time and money by allowing a qualified tax professional to prepare your tax return.

Choose Geier for Integrated Tax & Financial Planning

You should be aware of the potential conflicts of interest that may arise in the pursuit of investment goals and tax minimization strategies, as some investment goals may run counter to the income tax minimization needs. However, Geier Asset Management will help you navigate through the tax maze, balance conflicting goals, and minimize the tax bite wherever possible.

Making wise financial decisions now will result in a better life for your family in the future. We have the experience, training, and ability to listen to your needs, devise a successful plan, and coach you to your goals. Let us help manage your wealth effectively, so your future is clear and your financial dreams are attainable.

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