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Philanthropic Financial Management in Maryland

As assets accumulate, you are granted the luxury of giving back to the community. We encourage philanthropy and our clients have embraced the idea of charitable giving. Creating and maintaining a philanthropic endeavor can be complex. Different donation options, including donor advised funds and private foundations, have different benefits, all which should be considered prior to implementation. Whether you’re looking to increase your tax deductions or need assistance developing a philanthropic endeavor, our trained financial specialists are committed to exceeding your expectations.

Geier Asset Management has the ability to help you understand your options and assist with your philanthropic giving plans.

Donation Options

One of our financial advisors will help you determine the appropriate donation amount and strategy given your income and donation goals. Some of your donation options include:

Donor Advised Fund

There are many benefits to investing through a donor advised fund (DAF), including:

  • Low cost to maintain – donate to the fund as often as you like and receive an immediate tax benefit.
  • Able to invest contributions – a DAF allows for liquid contributions only (stocks, bonds, etc.).
  • Full control over the fund – your DAF is like a charitable savings account—put money in today and grant it to philanthropies when you’re ready.

Private Foundations

If you’re trying to start your own philanthropic foundation, our financial advisors can help you determine which type of foundation is right for your goals. Types of philanthropic foundations include:

  • Private operating foundations – run charitable activities funded with their own investment income
  • Nonprofit organizations – usually formed from a single contribution from an individual or business and managed by a board of directors and/or trustees
  • Non-operating foundation – disburses funds to other philanthropic organizations

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is a tax-exempt irrevocable trust designed to reduce your taxable income in two steps:

  1. Trust beneficiaries’ income is dispersed for a specified period of time.
  2. Remainder of the trust is donated to a designated philanthropy.

Pooled Income Funds

Similar to a charitable remainder trust, a pooled income fund provides income to the fund’s beneficiaries (based on a prorated share of the fund’s income earned) before distributing the remaining fund assets to designated philanthropies. These funds are usually run by nonprofit organizations.

Charitable Gift Annuities

This donation strategy allows you to donate many different types of assets to a nonprofit organization in exchange for a stream of income from that nonprofit.

Charitable Lead Trusts

This is an irrevocable trust that works like a charitable remainder trust in reverse:

  1. First, the income goes to the designated nonprofit organization.
  2. Next, the remaining assets go to the trust beneficiaries.

Philanthropic Financial Management with Geier

The philanthropic giving space is complicated but is both a satisfying mission and an effective tax planning strategy. As a donor, you have a lot of giving options. We’ll help you focus your philanthropy donations to maximize your impact and satisfaction, while also maximizing your tax deductions. As our valued client, our goal is help you create a smart, philanthropy giving strategy.

Contact a philanthropic financial management advisor to begin stretching your earnings and maximizing your impact.

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