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Tax Services in Maryland

The dreaded April 15 tax deadline seems to continually loom over the heads of our clients. Therefore, to alleviate the pressure of that day and favorably affect the eventual results of your tax return, financial decisions throughout the year must always be considered from a tax perspective. Consistent, careful, and strategic planning is essential in minimizing what you owe to “Uncle Sam.”

That’s where the sophisticated tax department at Geier Asset Management can help. You work extremely hard to earn your money—let us maximize how much you get to keep!

Contact our trusted financial planners in Maryland to get started with tax planning and preparation.

Tax Planning

Effective tax planning requires year round attention by a qualified advisor. At the beginning of each year, our team of CPA’s work with our client managers to generate a detailed tax projection for clients. On a quarterly basis, these projections are updated, federal and state withholdings are verified, and estimated tax liabilities or refunds are calculated. Our Maryland financial advisors are solely devoted to safeguarding you from paying an unnecessary amount of tax in the following areas:

  • Federal Income Tax
  • State and Local Income Tax
  • Corporate Tax
  • Self-Employment Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Gift Tax
  • Estate Tax

At Geier Asset Management, we offer an integrated approach to tax and financial planning. We understand choosing the right investments can be stressful, but with an expert by your side you will see different investment options and the tax consequences of various financial decisions.

Tax Planning for Self-Employed

Our clients who are self-employed or work in multiple states throughout the year require additional, and often times extensive, tax planning. Since self-employed individuals do not have the luxury of having federal and state taxes withheld from their paycheck, they are required to make quarterly estimated tax payments to cover their projected tax liabilities. However, because a payroll system is not calculating a withholding amount, self-employed individuals are at greater risk of being under withheld. For those individuals that earn income in several states, liabilities to multiple states arise. Failure to make quarterly estimated tax payments to these municipalities in a timely manner will result in interest and penalties in addition to the initial liability. Our tax team understands the necessary planning that is required to be prepared to file a tax return.

Tax Planning for Your Investments

Tax planning also means coordinating and managing the effects of taxation on everyday decisions. Our tax professionals work with our clients to address the tax impact on investments, charitable giving, and the purchase and sale of assets.

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Tax Return Preparation

Thorough tax planning throughout the year will aid in an easier and more efficient tax filing experience. However, gathering the necessary documents and inputting the data on a tax return is a foreign task to most and can become dangerous if the return is filed incorrectly. Therefore, utilizing a qualified tax preparer will save you a great deal of time and will mitigate the risk of an incorrect filing.

At Geier Asset Management, we offer the following tax preparation services through its affiliate, Geier Financial Management, Inc.

  • Annual tax projections
  • Computation of quarterly estimated tax payments
  • Assistance with payroll withholdings
  • Assistance in data gathering
  • Completion of personal federal and state income tax returns
  • Completion of multi-state tax returns
  • Completion of partnership, corporation, and S-Corp tax returns
  • Oversight with IRS/State Agency audits and correspondence

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Choosing Geier Asset Management as Your Tax Advisor

Making wise financial decisions now will result in a better life for your family in the future. We have the experience, training, and ability to listen to your needs, devise a successful plan, and coach you to your goals. Let us help manage your wealth effectively, so your future is clear and your financial dreams are attainable.

We have been providing year round strategic tax planning and annual tax return preparation for over 15 years.  With a team comprised of several CPA’s, Geier Asset Management provides an elite level of knowledge and expertise to your tax situation. Because we handle financial planning and investment advisory for our clients, both which have significant tax implications, our financial planners and client managers are able to work in unison with our tax department throughout the year to ensure all financial decisions consider the impact of taxes.

Being a full service firm, our clients value the ability to keep all of their financial affairs in one central location. It makes their lives easier and adds a level of comfort knowing that all financial decisions are overseen by a qualified tax specialist. Taxes can decimate what you’ve worked so hard to earn and can be a burdensome experience annually. We have the necessary time and qualified resources needed to conduct proper tax planning and preparation, so that April 15 deadline is stress-free for you.

If you are looking for a trustworthy financial advisory team in Maryland, look no further than Geier Asset Management. Contact us online or call us to speak with our tax advisors.

Geier’s headquarters is located in Maryland, but our team of professionals can help you plan for and prepare your tax return in any state. 

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