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Tax Preparation


Tax deadlines can be intimidating for many individuals, families, and businesses located in Clarksville, Maryland. The complexity of the tax return, both federal and state, often leads to confusion. Constantly changing laws, tax rates, and allowable deductions make preparing an income tax return a challenging task. That’s where we can help.

With over 25 years of experience, Geier Asset Management is equipped with several Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and accounting specialists that provide an elite level of tax service for Clarksville residents. There is no substitute for the knowledge and understanding that a licensed, experienced tax professional can provide.

From tax planning to tax preparation, our experienced CPAs can handle all of your tax needs, ensuring no deductions are missed and your liability is minimized. If you’d like to receive more information or ask a question about our tax preparation services in Clarksville, contact us online or call us today!

Our Tax Services In Clarksville

At Geier Asset Management, we offer the following tax services in our Howard County office:

  • Assistance in gathering the necessary documents in an organized manner
  • Completion of your individual federal and state income tax returns
  • Knowledge of and capability to process multi-state tax returns (for example, if you live in Clarksville but work in Northern Virginia)
  • Completion of partnership, corporation, or S-Corp tax returns
  • Annual tax projections
  • Computation of estimated tax payments
  • Assistance with payroll withholdings—limit overpaying the IRS
  • Electronic filing to expedite the process and receive your refund quicker
  • Assistance with IRS/State Agency audits and correspondence

Clarksville Tax Preparers

A typically tedious, frustrating, and time-consuming project can be simplified and streamlined with the assistance of Geier Asset Management. Save yourself a great deal of time and money by allowing a qualified tax professional to prepare your tax return. We are located near Clarksville and have prepared tax filings for many of your neighbors, whether you live off of Clarksville Pike, Ten Oaks Road, Trotter Road, or somewhere nearby in Clarksville.